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Welcome to the OFFICIAL On-Line Home of the California Pines Property Owners Association



Due to an unforeseen glitch in our data program, a number of property owners recently received letters from a debt collection company called Weber and Associates in error. We do recognize the problem and are currently working to fix it as soon as possible. We do apologize, and if you are unsure of the status of your account, please contact us at: -OR- Please be patient with us at this incredibly busy time. Once again, we do apologize, and thank you for your patience with us.



This Site is intended to provide all California Pines property owners (and the general public) with easy access to all of the important rules and regulations applicable to all property within the California Pines development, as well as the legal notices, financial reports, and local news that might be of interest to property owners and residents of the area.


Please come to our monthly public meetings! We meet every 3rd Wednesday at 9am at the Lodge! We would love to hear your suggestions and input on how we are doing!

Please check out our Upcoming Events page for meeting agendas and other important dates!


Important note!

Properties Sold in Delinquency:

When a delinquent property is sold, the owner that accrued the dues is still responsible for payment of said dues. Unless we receive payment through escrow, we will still continue to purwue collection from the previous owner. The responsibility of dues is with the owner of the property for the years owned, not with the property itself. Selling a delinquent property DOES NOT excuse the owner from the debt incurred during ownership. *This DOES also include properties that are in default status with the Modoc County Tax Collector.*

Board of Directors

    Dave Lake, On-site Administrator
    Jodi Frey, Secretary
    Daniel Brooks, Treasurer
    Richard Mund
    Ronald Brack
    Dale Hadley
    James A. Niemiec
    Robert Cunningham